Wood Deck Repair and Refinish


Keeping your deck like new

Did you Know?

  • Solid stain is a sign that your decking is close to the end of its life.
  • "Deck Paint" is only for COVERED PORCHES and actually ROTS exposed decks faster than not doing anything at all.
  • Cedar Decking SHOULD be stained EVERY YEAR, 2 years maximum.
  • Most Cedar Decks require 3-5 days to properly strip, brighten, and stain or 2-3 weekends for most homeowners that should be enjoying their deck, NOT working on it.

Our Process

How it Works


Deck Examination

M3 Decks thoroughly assesses your deck's condition, identifying any issues to ensure it meets safety and durability standards.


Repair Recommendations

Based on the examination, we provide detailed recommendations for necessary repairs or maintenance to enhance your deck's longevity and functionality.


Fast Estimate

Receive a comprehensive estimate for the recommended services within 48 hours. Please review our process above for more details on moving forward.

Even with Proper Attention,

Old Decks Need Repairs

Our Capabilities

We work with all types of wood: Cedar, Pressure Treated, and Exotic.

With our new FG Floortec Brush Cleaning/Sanding Machine made in Germany and tintable Cutek Mineral-Oil Stain from Australia, we can usually complete a job in half the time of most and guarantee it will last twice as long, saving you money and time.

If you are looking for a hassle free experience when refreshing your deck, look no further than M3Decks!



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