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About M3Decks

Located in Woodinville, Washington, M3Decks specializes in creating exceptional outdoor living spaces. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship and innovative design allows us to transform any backyard into a breathtaking escape tailored to each homeowner’s preferences. We offer everything from custom deck construction to rigorous safety inspections, ensuring your outdoor area is not only beautiful but also safe and well-maintained.

From Estimate To Build

1. Free Estimate

Rough Measurements are taken, Basic Drawings are made and a "Ball Park" Price is given to be compared with your Budget.

​If the Estimate for the Desired Project is within your Budget, We can move forward to Full Plans and a Proposal.

2. Plans and Proposal

Permit Ready CAD Drawings with Engineering Calculations are Prepared acompanied by a fully itemized Proposal.  If M3 Decks does not get the job, you now own everything you need to apply for a permit.

  • Starting at $500.00
  • 50% Downpayment required.
  • One "Adjusted" Proposal included

3. Contract & Deposit

If the Proposal is agreed to we move forward with a Contract, signed in original ink in face to face followed by a 10% Deposit that goes towards the purchase of your materials.

​Once a Contract is Signed and a Deposit is Received, we move to Permiting (if required) and Scheduling.

4. Permit & Scheduling

IF a Permit is required, one is submitted for and a "Target" Date is set to begin.

​3 weeks prior to beginning, you will be invoiced for the remainder of your materials and they are ordered for delivery.

5. Work Begins

That fateful day has arrived!  The first day is taken up inspecting materials, going over plans, identifying special needs and discussing project timeline and process.

​Saws start buzzing, nailguns start popping, and as soon as you get used to the noise and disruption....we're scrubbing down and loading out.

Imagine the Possibilities

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Why People Choose M3Decks

Unmatched Quality and Craftsmanship

At M3Decks, every project is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality. Using only premium materials, our skilled artisans craft decks that are both beautiful and enduring.

Proven Expertise

With a team of industry-certified professionals, M3Decks brings a wealth of experience and a portfolio of successful projects that showcase our capability to exceed expectations on every front.

Tailored Design Experience

We believe your outdoor space should reflect your personal style. Our design process is deeply collaborative, ensuring that every deck and outdoor living solution is as unique as our clients.

Community Commitment

Our "Decks for Vets" and "Safe Decks for Seniors" initiatives highlight our commitment to giving back, setting us apart as a company that values community well-being and support.